• Shaped lollipop molding and packaging machine HTL-TE 600B

Shaped lollipop molding and packaging machine HTL-TE 600B

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Main performance and structural features:

The continuous shaped lollipop forming packaging machine is a new product recently developed by our company. According to the special processing technology requirements of candy production, the machine integrates drawing, dicing, feeding sugar, losing rod, inserting rod, continuous stamping and shaping Conveying, heat sealing and packaging in one, wrapping paper cutting process, using humanized design, the various action processes are ingeniously integrated into one. In the production process of lollipop, as long as the sugar-shaped mold is replaced, the lollipop products with different shapes and beautiful appearance can be quickly produced. The machine has the advantages of new structure, beautiful appearance, excellent manufacture, sturdiness, safety, safety and reliability. It is the best choice for the majority of candy food manufacturers and investors.

1. The machine introduces German technology and is used for forming and packaging of shaped rods.

2. Color adjustable system, computer control, precise positioning, film adjustable, automatic winding, highly sealed

3. Photoelectric tracking system, no empty bags, with good self-adjusting ability

4. Imported PLC, rotary frequency conversion, coding and photoelectric switch, have good performance

5. Friendly design, easy to operate and after-sales maintenance

Scope of application:

Shaped lollipop molding package

The main technical parameters:

Packaging candy specifications


Maximum film size



200-400 p/min

Total power

8 KW


380 V/ 50Hz

Dimensions (L*W*H)


Total weight